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Are you searching for the perfect wedding venue that blends industrial charm with artistic flair? Look no further! The Nashua Center for the Arts, nestled in the heart of Nashua, NH's downtown, welcomes you to experience the wedding of your dreams in our brand new, awe-inspiring venue. 

The main theater transforms into a grand ballroom, enchanting up to 200 guests, while still leaving ample space for a dance floor that beckons you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our Bank of America Theater ballroom features a professional theater stage. Imagine your favorite band or a talented DJ serenading you from this impressive platform, or even seating your head table for an unforgettable dining experience. Our theater curtains await, ready to reveal a grand spectacle that will leave your guests in awe. Easily accessible and nearby local attractions, your guests will revel in the convenience and excitement our location has to offer.

We believe that your wedding day should be a reflection of your love story, and our venue is the canvas for you to create the masterpiece of a lifetime. So, if you are a couple with an eye for art and a heart for love, step into a world where creativity knows no bounds - the Nashua Center for the Arts.

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Discover a wedding venue that perfectly blends industrial chic with artistic enchantment. Unlock the doors to your future as a married couple. Embrace love, art, and the unforgettable at the Nashua Center for the Arts. Contact Susie Benik at sbenik@spectaclelive.com for more info.

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