The photo on the right from Mike LoRe’s collection of everything Historic Nashua shows the corner of West Pearl and Main Street right after the Sunlight Pharmacy was demolished to make way for Miller’s. You can see the east wall of the Dunbarton Building (now the back of house for the Nashua Center for the A rts) looking much the same as when the Miller’s/Alec’s building had its turn with the demo crew. The Dunbarton Building was built circa 1898. The building on the corner originally housed the Crockery Furniture company, built earlier in the 1800’s before the Dunbarton building (left).

West pearl street image West pearl street image West pearl street image

Nashua Community Arts

The arts and culture scene in Nashua is humming. The Peacock Players and Actorsingers . Nightlife live music venues. Symphony NH. Public art. Nashua Chamber Orchestra. The annual ArtWalk. The International Sculpture Symposium. Greeley Park Art Show. ARTVentures. Nashua Public Library programs.

Now, the Nashua Center for the Arts will amplif y what is already here. Visible. Vivid. Vibrant. The Performing Arts Center will attract audiences to Nashua, entice residents to our downtown core, and enhance Nashua's standing as the creative community within the region.

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